Live Music

Open Mic night at Sea Crab is on Thursday and Sunday night at Sea Crab. With an array of different house musicians through the week audience members are encouraged up on stage to share their talent! It doesn’t matter how talented, confident or accomplished you are. The vibe is collaborative and the house band’s skills more than sufficient to assist even the most nervous of performers. As it happens, open mic here tends not to be an assault on the ears but a great meeting of musical minds from around the globe. If no one is in the mood to join in, the house performer (and often a regular or two) play through the night, so its live music guaranteed. Offering classic rock, folk and contemporary acoustic it’ll tick the boxes of most. With happy hour cocktails and fabulous food, a night at Sea Crab Bar – Cafe – Restaurant is a must while in Hoi An.

                               Live Music Start From: 7PM – 10PM.